Chair with Easel
 Wood          Bogotá, Colombia 1990
Drum or Drums
Film boxes embroidered with copper threads                Bogotá, Colombia 1991
Wood, fiberglass, fabric.       Bogotá, Colombia 1992
En Buen Orden, Performance, at an anonymous place in Bogotá. Fiber Glass, and equipment for protection. 
Action ending with fire.
For about six months, in a very solitary place in Bogota, I was making a type of package, cutting fiberglass sheets ( 7 x 5 x 3 1/2 inches), and tying each of them with copper wires. They were square in shape, and once each was finished, I would put them inside one of three boxes that I’d built just for this purpose. Once these three boxes were full of these packages, I created a flame over them and let them burn for a long time. In order to protect my face, I covered up with fine, black, women’s nylons, and to cover my nose and mouth I used a fiberglass safety mask over the nylons. I wore standard, black coveralls, black pants and comfortable black shoes. No one had ever seen this activity, with the exception of the finale, when a friend offered to film the project’s final act with his film-making students.

Wood, Fiberglass, Fabric.       Bogotá, Colombia, 1992
 Princess Popotito Says Goodbye to The City is the first of the Installations Series released under the name of The Adventures of the Princess Popotito. A surgery practiced in real-time surprises the viewer that contemplates the surface of the red taffeta dress covered with varied ornaments. The surgery is projected in a monitor inside the box. A manikin inside the dress gives shape to the body.
 These opera dresses of the Columbus Theater, rein voiced in Photoshop, from part of the complex installation Popotito Says Goodbye to The City; they were arranged on a ram shackled gym found in the streets of Bogota, the scenery of a working theater. The dresses are a National Colombian Heritage, as they were donated by various nations. The development dress Popotito Repertoire is a mix of the kitsch and solemnity presented in the plays at this Columbus Theater. 

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